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      Precautions for Use of Dental Infection Control Products


      Dental infection control products mainly include oral disinfectants, local anesthetics, protective gloves, etc. The following are considerations when using these products:

      1.Oral disinfectant: Read the product instructions carefully before use to ensure that you understand the correct method of use and dilution ratio. Under normal circumstances, add an appropriate amount of oral disinfectant solution to an appropriate amount of water to dilute it before use, and the concentrated solution cannot be used directly. At the same time, pay attention to avoid accidental ingestion and contact with sensitive parts such as eyes.

      2.Local anesthetics: Before using local anesthetics, patients should be fully consulted and evaluated to understand their history of allergies and other related conditions. Correctly select and use the appropriate form and dosage of local anesthetic, and follow standard injection techniques and disinfection procedures. It should be noted that local anesthetics may cause allergic reactions or other adverse reactions. If abnormalities occur, stop using them in time and consult a professional.

      3.Protective gloves: Wearing protective gloves can effectively prevent cross-infection. Choose the glove size that suits you, and pay attention to fully unfolding the glove during wearing, and avoid skin contact with the outer surface. Gloves should be taken off correctly after use to avoid cross-contamination of hands and the environment.

      4.Quality control: When purchasing dental infection control products, you should choose formal channels to ensure that the products have relevant quality certification and qualification certificates. At the same time, regularly check the expiration date and storage conditions of the product to avoid using expired or deteriorated products.

      5.Personal hygiene: When using these products, operators should maintain good personal hygiene habits, including washing hands frequently, wearing clean and tidy work clothes and protective equipment, etc. Do not touch the face, nose, eyes and other susceptible parts without direct contact with the patient

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